Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE)

Feb 25, 2022

What is it, and how will it affect you; an end user of Microsoft products?

In essence, Microsoft is looking into simplifying the way how they license their products.

I sincerely believe they are doing it for a benefit of us all, but in a true Microsoft’s fashion, nothing ever is simple and straight forward.

To make matters even more confusing, with the introduction of NCE, Microsoft is simultaneously raising prices on some of their products, which luckily can be avoided, or to be more precise, it can be avoided for one year if you act quickly.

Here, in as few words as possible, I will try to explain and elaborate on how the NCE operates (Rollout Date, Cancelation Rules, Auto-Renewals, Pricing…)

How the NCE Operates (ins and outs)

Going forward, with enforcement of a New Commerce Experience, you will have 3 different options to purchase your licenses; monthly, annually or on a 3 year contract.

If you take monthly option, you will be subject to 20% increase in price, but will benefit with flexibility in respect of license count. (read decreasing licenses on a monthly basis)

Another point of consideration is upgrading or downgrading the amount of licenses.

With NCE cancelation policy is enforced. Essentially you will have up to 72 hours from the point of order to cancel products ordered, anything after that period you will be liable to pay remaining term of the subscription.

In other words, seat counts can be increased at any point of time during the subscription term, however they can only be decreased within the 72 hours after the initial order or renewal date.

Should you require variable. seasonal seat over the course of the year, it would be prudent to consider combination of monthly and annual term seats.

As always, we re here to help…do get in touch should you need any further clarification, advice or guidance as to how to make the best of New Commerce Experience.

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