Communications and Connectivity Solutions

Communication is key for any business, we ensure yours works

There isn’t a business around where communication isn’t the key to successful operation. Whether you’re dealing on a day-to-day basis with clients or B2B, ensuring that your comms solutions are working is always the top priority.

At Purple Matrix, we appreciates that telecoms is a daunting prospect and with so many facets to consider and options to ponder there really is a lot to bear in mind. But Purple Matrix are experts in making the complicated simple. Whether it’s a new internet line, multi-site networks or telephony solutions, we are able to help you.


Internet Connectivity

There are acronyms aplenty when it comes to choosing your internet connectivity, whether it’s ADSL to EFM, the list is endless. But we can help you break it down so you understand what type of service you are purchasing as well as making sure it is installed and managed correctly. Just some of the internet types available that we specialise in are listed below.

  • ADSL and ADSL2+ – Short for asymmetric digital subscriber line, this is your standard internet connectivity over copper wires.
  • EFM – Ethernet in the first mile is the technology that has recently replaced SDSL, a symmetric line which couples multiple copper pairs together to give faster upload and download speeds.
  • Leased Line – A leased line is a dedicated line which is “leased” from the service provider. It has a symmetric service, and you are the only customer using it.
  • Fibre – Fibre optic lines offer faster speeds than their copper counterparts. Fibre is up to 10,000Mbit/s, while EFM may only deliver up to 35Mbit/s.

Whatever the type of internet connection you choose to go with, Purple Matrix can be with you every step of the way to ensure that you get a connectivity service that you are truly happy with.


Internet Filtering

One of the best ways to increase office productivity is to monitor and filter the website that your employees are using. With the Purple Matrix Web Monitor you can make sure that your staff aren’t spending hours surfing on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, but not only that, you can also block the unsafe sites where computers could potentially pick up viruses – giving you a more secure and more productive work environment.


VoIP Telephony

Voice over Internet Protocol is the future of telephone systems, rather than delivering voice communications and multimedia sessions through a public switched telephone network, VoIP delivers these services using the Internet. This ensures the same high quality service but at cheaper prices and with more flexibility. We believe in it so much that Purple Matrix even uses VoIP in our offices.

VoIP is a type of technology that we all know and use in our daily lives, anyone who has ever been on Skype has used VoIP. However many business owners aren’t aware of the benefits of using VoIP technology for their business calls. SIP is a signalling protocol that controls other programs being launched into IP based phone systems. Due to the cost and efficiency benefits, SIP Trunking is rapidly replacing ISDN as the method of communications for many business with some experiencing more than a 50% reduction on call costs just by switching to VoIP.

In addition to the cost benefits, there are other functionalities that are popular with all types of businesses, for example VoIP Recording. Because the calls are made using digital systems, recording, monitoring and tracking all calls has never been easier. From listening to the actual call; to creating logs of what calls were made and answered, where and when; you have a far more effective, controllable and beneficial user experience.