Network Security

Protecting you from internal and external threats

Network security is at the forefront for every business. Everyone wants to ensure their network, and therefore, their data is protected from both internal and external threats. Purple Matrix specialise in network security which is compliant with the highest level of legislation.

We provide a wide variety of different security methods to ensure your network is highly secure and protected at all times. But we also understand that security is only as strong as those practising it, and as such, we can help to ensure that your employees understand the impact of their actions on your network security but assisting you to produce best practice procedures.



Purple Matrix understands the threats from the internet may be a cause of concern, but we have extensive experience in constructing highly secure network infrastructure. As Cisco partners, we can ensure that we install a firewall from a globally trusted provider which will ensure that security is at it’s highest level with all network activity monitored and encrypted.


Advanced Security

For that added level of protection, Purple Matrix is also accustomed to installing systems such as CryptoCards to provide enhanced security to your network. We have supported companies ranging from financial institutions to law firms, all of whom have security at the forefront of their mind. Purple Matrix has installed security systems that ensure they comply with the strictest of governmental legislations.


Security Procedures

Ensuring your infrastructure is secure is only part of the battle. We will also help you write internal security procedures to make sure that everyone within your organisation knows what to do and how to behave. This ranges from ensuring passwords are secure and regularly changed to the company procedures when someone leaves your company.