Outsourced Support

Outsourcing your IT is a sound business decision

Hiring in-house IT staff can be costly and an ineffective solution for supporting your IT infrastructure. Why rely on the knowledge of one individual when you can have the collective knowledge from a whole team of engineers?

With our unlimited helpdesk manned by experienced engineers, we can guarantee that you will receive the best response times and, more importantly, the best resolution times.


Purple Matrix Service Desk

Offering you more than just a helpdesk

We offer the complete service desk experience focusing not only on reacting to your needs, but also helping you to strategically plan and grow to ensure a brighter future for your business. We do this by giving you three key experts in your Purple Matrix Service Desk experience. This extends beyond just offering a basic helpdesk service and encompasses a complete IT service package which includes server monitoring, system reports, regular maintenance visits and more, all of which is overseen by your dedicated account manager.

  • Account Manager

  • Overseeing the entire process will be your account manager whose duty it is to ensure that you are happy with the service you are receiving and make sure that your every need is met.

  • Purple Matrix Helpdesk

  • Our team of experienced technicians not call loggers; will be your first point of contact. On hand to answer any IT queries that you have.The Purple Matrix Helpdesk is available from 9am until 6pm on Monday to Friday and provides unlimited support to our contracted clients. Getting in touch with us couldn’t be more simple, you can contact us via email, web chat or calling our service desk on 020 3994 5353.If we don’t leave our office then you won’t pay anything extra, however if we are unable to resolve the issue remotely then we can send an engineer to visit you on-site.

  • Dedicated Engineer

  • Not only will you have our highly skilled helpdesk technicians at your disposal, but we will also assign a dedicated support engineer to your account. Your support engineer will be responsible for all your on-site visits and will be there if any more difficult problems arise.


Proactive System Monitoring

Why wait for something to go wrong with your IT before it gets dealt with? With our proactive system monitoring, we will deal with problems before they start to affect your business. We can monitor your backups, internet connectivity, system services, application performance, even the temperature in your server room. Then you can feel comfortable knowing that we will be dealing with the majority of issues before they even arise.


Remote Maintenance

Your server is just like your car, it needs to be looked after and maintained. Let us take the headache out of server maintenance. We will download and install regular updates, monitor you system and regularly perform “house-keeping” on it. We can scheduled overnight restarts so that they only affect our work has on your business is a positive one with everything running as smoothly as possible.


Project Management

We have extensive experience in project management

Large scale IT projects are complex and can require significant planning, fortunately we’ve been doing this for years. Our team of engineers and project managers will ensure that your projects running seamlessly.

Rather than panicking to deploy a new internet line or VoIP telephony system, you can allow us to manage the project for you. From the moment you give us the go ahead, we can take control and make sure that everything is executed perfectly and at the end of it all you get the project you want without all the headaches.

  • Office Relocation

  • They say the most stressful thing in the world is moving house, well we say that ‘they’ have never been responsible for moving a whole business before. However there is no need to fret, Purple Matrix can take the stress out of moving your IT systems. We will disconnect everything, pack it up, transport it and get it all up and running in your new location without you having to lift a finger. Now you can worry about how you will arrange your new office, while we make sure that everything else goes through without a hitch.

  • Server Installations

  • We know it can be a headache, but sometimes it is necessary to upgrade your server. Fortunately, we have over 10 years of experience and expertise in server installations of all types. We will configure and install the server, then migrate you to the new setup with minimal downtime to your business operations.


Backup Solutions

Whatever the type of data you have, we will have a backup solution to suit your needs. From tape to online we cover it all and you can rest assured that your data is completely safe with us. In fact we check your backup every day to make sure it is running seamlessly, and our highly secure data centre, guarantees that everything is completely safe and secure, with redundancies in place to deal with any crisis.