Dylan Popovic

Managing Director

Dylan was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia but moved to London when he was 14. He completed his education in London (BSc Computer Science) and wasted no time in starting his career in IT.

After leaving Land Securities, Dylan founded Purple Matrix in January 2000 with a mission to offer unbeatable IT services to small to medium sized companies in London. His incredible passion for latest technologies and his common sense approach have won him recognition in the highest circles.

Dylan’s special talent is business process efficiency and he is typically found assessing procedures and recommending and implementing IT solutions that often literally transform businesses overnight.

Dylan’s out of work life is consumed by car racing and flying (don’t worry – we have a good insurance policy for his extreme activities)


Adis Piric

Managing Director

Like Dylan, Adis is also from Bosnia and moved to London in his early twenties, undertaking a degree in Computer Aided Engineering.

Working in a high level IT support function before, Adis co-founded Purple Matrix with Dylan in 2000, concentrating mainly on bringing the best IT support possible to small businesses throughout London.

Adis’ niche is helping UK businesses expand worldwide, offering IT consultancy and service from initial planning to final execution, specialising in expansion and relocation projects to Hong Kong, Singapore and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Outside of the office as a keen cyclist recently accomplishing London to Paris 300 miles trip in 3 days, Adis can be found on the Chiltern and Surrey hills testing the tarmac in preparation for his next challenge, Land’s end to John o’ Groats bicycle trip.


Karl Churcher

Service Delivery Manager

Karl started his IT career around 12 years ago starting in a law firm environment before moving into Managed Services. Excelling as a technician and then into a management role. He joined our team in early 2015 fueled with a desire to succeed in ensuring both excellent customer care and delivery of the high standards of services our customers deserve.

Outside of working hours Karl’s addiction for all gadgets is evident throughout his home, spending time with his family is a priority and when he does have a free moment to pull himself away from a new gadget and family life he will be out on a motorbike chasing the sun.


Rafal Dyczynski

Head of Development

Rafal joined Purple Matrix in 2011 as the Head of Development. Actively involved in the development, design and implementation of our bespoke database solutions, websites and various other development projects. Rafal has a keen eye for design, but because he comes from a technical background you are always guaranteed a solution that is as functional as it is easy on the eye.

But Rafal’s techie interests don’t stop outside of the office, he frequently comes in to show off the latest iPhone app or software that he has developed in his spare time.
Outside technology Raf has an interest in music production and if not in front of his computer he can be found playing one of his guitars.


Konrad Puskarz

IT Manager / Project Manager

Konrad joined Purple Matrix in 2016. Konrad brings more than 10 years’ experience in the project management of international electronic tolling system projects. In addition to his main role in project and change management, Konrad is responsible for the development of service level agreements with external suppliers and service providers, KPI monitoring and service performance, client reporting, advice on IT strategy, hardware and COTS software procurement, and asset, licence and contact management.

In his spare time, Konrad enjoys walking and listening to music. He is looking forward to catching up with family and friends after being away from the UK for quite a long time.


Zoran Martincevic

IT Operations manager

Zoran has over 20 years of IT experience, spanning from IT support, IT Operations, Management and IT consultant roles. Much of his experience was gained mainly from Canadian capital of Ottawa. His professional journey has included: International companies with operations in two dozen countries across the globe.

Headed western global military alliance providing IT operational support all the way to major Canadian Government Departments Network IT consultancy.

Outside of work Zoran enjoys traveling with family, driving, playing tennis and skiing.

IT Support


Boris Vucicevic

Senior IT Analyst


Kapil Sthapit

IT Support Manager


Hugo Gomes

Senior IT Analyst


Alfie Diggle

Helpdesk Team Leader


Bhavik Hirani

2nd Line & Field Support Engineer


James Akinde

IT Analyst & Field Support Engineer

Alex England

Alex England

IT Analyst & Field Support Engineer


Alex Biera

IT Analyst & Field Support Engineer


Adis Hadzalic

IT Manager

CCNP/CCDP – Network Security Specialist


Adis Klacar

Systems Administrator


Zerin Tursić

IT Support Analyst


Kerim Novokmet

IT Support Analyst


Bermin Okan

Service Desk Analyst



Muhammad Kashif Ismail

Systems Development Manager


Sourabh Mehta

Solutions Architect


Marc Lamont



Dalibor Parac

Senior .NET and SQL Developer

Accounts and Administration


Ally Butt

Accounts Administrator