About us

Let’s take a look back at how we were formed

We are often asked what is the secret of our success, in truth there is no secret – just lots of hard work, fair play and good judgement.

Purple Matrix Ltd was founded in March 2000 with a vision of offering value for money IT services to small and medium sized companies in London.

In 2002 we pioneered a unique IT support and maintenance model – something which a handful of IT companies quickly copied and adapted. Today, we are no longer unique in our approach but we are certainly unique in the quality of service we deliver.


Adis Piric
Co-founder and
Managing Director


Dylan Popovic
Co-founder and
Managing Director

We are a financially sound company, with our growth only being funded by our profits

Purple Matrix is a privately owned company that has grown considerably over the last 15 years to become a renowned and respected IT services provider. We started as a team of two IT enthusiasts and today we are a team of over twenty and intending to continue growing for years to come. We are financially sound company, with our growth only being funded by our profits which is somewhat unusual in times of risky investments.

But most importantly, we recognise that our staff is our biggest asset, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure a happy and motivating working environment.

If this sounds like a company that you would like to work with (or for) please contact us.

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Mission Statement

The three key words which drive us everyday.


Verb: to supply the material means of support for somebody, or be a source of something needed or wanted by somebody.


Adjective: creating or controlling a situation rather than just responding to it, taking the initiative by acting rather than reacting to events.


Adjective: conforming to the standards of skill, competence or character normally expected of a properly qualified and experienced person in a work environment.

These three words perfectly describe our mission statement, but to put it in to even more simple terms, our mission statement is to provide proactive and professional IT services to all.